“We Go the Extra Mile”
To be effective in today’s Business world, you need a comprehensive selection of Leadership Resources, from development and learning to planning and delivery.
  • Whether it’s team development, succession planning, or anything else, we’re there for you every step of the way.
  • When you sign-up for the conference event, we even provide leading expert Mentor/Coach Partners who individualize the program to your needs aligned with the needs of your organization and industry. . .for 30 days at no additional investment.
  • You are truly covered from concept thru every step of the cultivation progression. And along the way, you’ll connect with the wisdom-rich Vortex personnel to help guide you to full-rounded, measurable results.
“Whatever it takes” to bring you a clear and fulfilling development plan rings loud and clear at the Vortex Academy of Leadership – it’s our mantra!

Global Educational Centers

A global provider of customized Leadership development, the Vortex Academy of Leadership delivers the most comprehensive programs of outstanding services for international market leaders. No matter who you are, where you are, or what language you speak, we’ll deliver you a custom solution for your Leadership Development needs.

  • The VORTEX ACADEMY OF LEADERSHIP is all-inclusive, complete 360° needs program:
    • First-hand Leadership and Organizational Learning Development,
    • One-on-one Elite coaching and mentorship with people of wisdom.
    • Your market segment focus: Technology, Financial, Bio/Medical, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, and other verticals – we know your needs, we’ve been there
  • You get a global delivery model of experience, wisdom, and direction from our Boston, MA US Head Offices or through Leadership Centers around the world: the Americas (US, Canada, and LATAM), EMEA (EU, ME, AF), as well as ASIA/ASIA-PACIFIC/AUSTRALIA. The delivery model is in English or your country’s native language as an option. It’s all about you – we’re here to serve you on your terms and help you reach your goals!
  • We custom-build to your specifications and needs, starting with a custom private-led journey at the featured center of a celebrated leader as we measure their trials and how they relate to what you might face in your leadership role today. They, like you, experienced similar encounters – no matter where you are in the world.