“Sometimes it is not enough to do our best;
we must do what is required. “
Winston Churchill
Vic Marcus Vic Marcus
Vic Marcus knows what it takes to succeed in the business world; he’s a serial entrepreneur having started five successful businesses. As a million-dollar, master sales professional, and as Vice-President for a Global 1000 organization, Vic took his expertise, innovation & leadership to the core of the business community. He’s been quoted extensively in national and international publications, and has been called “an insightful business leader and strategist.” His perceptive reporting and other visionary deliverables have appeared in well-known publications. Vic Marcus doesn’t just talk business… he lives it! He’s energetic, funny and entertaining; he inspires, motivates, and delivers volumes of insightful content and high-impact wisdom that you can take to the bank!
Darleen Flaig | Advisory Chief, International Development Darleen Flaig
Darleen Flaig brings over 30 years of global know-how in procurement, manufacturing, QA, logistics, and international contract negotiations. She has shepherded close business relationships with businesses in over 25 countries. Darleen is CEO and President of Product Solutions International, Inc., a global out-sourced purchasing and development custom products manufacturing business. Prior to PSI, Ms. Flaig served as the Senior Director, Global Product Development and International Distribution for Princess House, Inc. a division of Colgate-Palmolive (NYSE: CL). She is the recipient of the prestigious “Global Achievement Award” for Global Sourcing. She has also held executive leadership roles with FTD and Amway managing many of their international business units. Darleen received an MA in Communication from Western Michigan University.
Marcus Goncalves, Ed. D. Marcus Goncalves, Ed. D.
Marcus Goncalves, Ed. D. is an award- winning recognized expert in Education Leadership, best-selling author (40 books), and international management consultant to Fortune 500 companies. He’s Chair of the International Business program at Nichols College, and holds professorship responsibilities at Nichols, Boston University and at Brandeis University. A tri-lingual speaker (English, Spanish and Portuguese), he’s often found speaking in front of government and educational groups in China, Brazil, Philippines, UK, and Europe. As an entrepreneur, he has successfully built innovative tech companies. Marcus Goncalves’ approach to learning is both innovative and enlightening. He focusses on bringing his wisdom and experience to the Leadership needs of government, both domestic and international, as well as those of academia.
Nicholas Denice, Esq. Nicholas Denice, Esq.
Nick knows what it takes to be a leader amongst your lawyer, and accounting peers. They are demanding professions, whether it’s corporate, public, or private – it’s all about your bedside manner! The need is always there to do better when interacting with your clientele, in house, or out in the public. There’s a lot of competition to bring in clients, and the rainmaker in you knows it’s more than intelligence & information; it’s all about winning your clients’ confidence. Nick Denice has been providing cutting-edge services to individual and business clients on legal, accounting, and tax issues. Along with his summa cum laude Master of Professional Accountancy degree and his magna cum laude Law degree, Nick also studied at the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science. He’s a Board of Director member of Blue Cross – Blue Shield, State of RI. An enthusiastic Soccer official – he’s officiated at every level of competition from youth thru professional. His biggest takeaway in Soccer, and in life: “Being positive moves us further.”
Jason Dodier, ICBB | Chief, International Marketing Leadership Development Jason Dodier, ICBB
As an internationally acclaimed, certified Six Sigma Black Belt expert, Jason Dodier is well equipped to lead all of your business development focus, at all leadership levels in the US, EMEA, South America, and Asia Pacific. He is a well-known IT solutions and manufacturing leadership speaker with expertise in branding, strategic planning, quantitative analysis, negotiation, and sales. As chief spokesperson and blogger for Schneider Electric International, Jason is called on to deliver business development expertise to audiences around the world.With a BA from Bryant University and ICBB from Villanova, he’s been established as a bedrock of executive leadership within the international IT and manufacturing communities teaching leadership skills. Jason is a US citizen based in Lyon, France.
Michael Mullane, Esq | Chief Coach, Negotiation Leadership Development Michael Mullane, Esq
As a dedicated local government board member, Michael has led the mentoring of key employees in best practices, and negotiation guidelines. He’s the go to legal coach for the executive level decision makers at one of the largest American pharmacy retailers. Michael has coached HR leaders with effective Organizational Development practices dedicated to successfully expanding the knowledge and effectiveness of employees to accomplish change and performance.