• The VORTEX ACADEMY OF LEADERSHIP is THE global knowledge-center for leadership! Your wealth & well-being is as important to us as it is for you . . . we’re here for you! Whether you focus on Technology, Financial, Bio/Medical, Manufacturing, Non-Profit, and other verticals, the wisdom of The VORTEX ACADEMY OF LEADERSHIP is here for you, no matter where you’re located. From our Head Offices in Boston, MA to Our Leadership Guidance Centers all over the world . . . we’re here for you!
  • We deliver programs primarily in English, as well as in your country’s native language. Our integrated onshore/offshore global delivery model serves extensive geographies: the AMERICAS (US, Canada, and Latin America), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and ASIA/ASIA-PACIFIC/AUSTRALIA.
  • We are an all-inclusive, complete 360° needs program of: Leadership and Organizational Learning Development. You are provided with an exclusive one-on-one Elite Coach/Mentor partner – focused and personalized to your market segment.

The Differentiator

When you, the leader, join-up with the Vortex Academy, you become the recipient of powerful collections of interactive educational experiences & mentorships. If you truly want to change, grow, and prosper – no matter where you sit on the slippery corporate ladder, we’re with you from start thru transcendence. Leadership excellence just doesn’t happen with an out-of-the-box, one or two day “sage-on-stage” seminar, or by reading a book or two – it’s all about change and habit. When you do it right, it will bring you riches beyond your expectations.

The Differentiator

The Conveyance

The Conveyance

Day #1

Visiting HISTORY’S WINNING LEADERSHIP. . . Lessons-Learned from history’s champions . . . those special people who continue to inspire us by their many-lived challenges. On day one, your VORTEX event starts with a private-led journey at a featured site of a celebrated leader, as we compare his/her trials and how those challenges relate to what we face in our leadership role today. They, just like you, experienced similar encounters. Thru this private tour, we connect you with famed leaders from: Government, Sports, Business, and Community. For example: experience the JFK Legacy… relive the discipline and resolve of John Wooden or Vince Lombardi, where character came 1st… follow the tenacity of Henry Ford, or the work ethic of Thomas Edison… examine how Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt led us out of the ravages of war and depression . . . chart the brilliance and resolve of Eisenhower as he led the world away from imminent demise.

The Program

Day #2

No “out-of-the-box, sage-on-stage, talking-head seminars” for champions!

  • Experience achievable peer collaboration with measurable, round table problem-solving filled with wisdom, counsel, and direction – along with your Mentor partner facilitating – gives you answers that work NOW.

In-concert informally with your eclectic fellow leaders, and your Mentor Partner, gets right to it with a hands-on venue. . .

  • You have the first hand opportunity to vent your relevant challenges – a proverbial roundtable executive approach, BUT with fully measurable results!
  • NO chaotic roundtable chatter
  • NO out-of-the-box diatribe that you’ve heard before
  • NO “sage-on-stage,” suit delivering dead-end harangues
  • NO irrational exuberance – we give you lasting power with a dedicated Mentor Partner

You are delivered a strong framework that connects our relationship – YOU & Vortex.

  • Identify those tools to be applied to your issues, which might be: Succession Planning, Generational Challenges, Planning your own Health (physical, mental, emotional) & other issues.
  • Whatever . . .you design it, we’ll build it . . . together!
The Differentiator

The Exclusive all-Inclusive

The VORTEX ACADEMY OF LEADERSHIP is all-inclusive program…

  • 4 star luxury Hotel accommodations. . . included
  • All meals . . . included
  • Transfer transportation to & from the airport . . . included
  • Private Gala event: Cocktails, Dinner, Networking @area’s premier restaurants . . . included
  • One Month of customized one-on-one Executive Professional Coaching Services . . . included